Why live in Mississauga?  Find out why people buy condos and houses in Mississauga

Why Live In Mississauga?

Friday Mar 26th, 2021


Over eight hundred thousand people currently live in Mississauga.  My clients have chosen to buy in Mississauga for the following reasons:


1. Employment Opportunities

Mississauga's business directory note that there are over 16,000 registered businesses and is the home to 75 of the Fortune 500's companies' headquarters or divisional offices (Microsoft, Walmart and Amazon, to name a few). I have located two of my clients in Mississauga because of the commute to their new jobs at Amazon.


2. Close to family and friends

As children grow up and leave their parent's homes, some choose to stay close. One couple of first-time home buyers desired a house to be close to the parents/in-laws to help nearby when they became parents.  Other younger buyers may indeed prefer condo living for social reasons.


3. Suburb of Toronto

Mississauga shares a municipal border with Metropolitan Toronto.   Mississauga residents have the best of a relaxed suburban lifestyle and a short commute to Toronto for work or play. Many of my clients commute to and work in Toronto.


4. Travel and transportation

Travel and transportation is a huge reason to live in Mississauga.  As mentioned, many people work in Toronto but commute every day using the GO Train line, of which there are two that run through Mississauga.

They drive using one of the four highways around or thru the city. Still, many commuters will use the MiWay public transit to connect with Toronto's own TTC bus and subway network.  Some of my clients prioritize living within a short drive or walk to one of these transit terminals.


5. Affordability

As a general rule of thumb, people will buy the best location and the best-valued home they can afford.   The reality of life is budget limitations.  Consequently, some people choose Mississauga. They literally can have their cake and eat it too, satisfying their needs and wants. 

Primary considerations are factoring in property taxes and insurance premiums for houses and automobiles. Condo fees generally cover more utilities in Mississauga than many of the newly built high-rises in Toronto.


6. Education

Parents want the best for their children and research the best schools.  They will utilize the Fraser Institute School rankings and EQAO scores.  Some will even drive through the neighbourhood and talk to adults about the school of interest.

Mississauga is home to some highly regarded high, middle and elementary schools.  These schools usually have strict boundaries or areas where students must live.  Not surprisingly, the neighbourhood near the school tends to be in high demand and has excellent resale value.

Mississauga is also home to the University of Toronto and Sheridan College, providing opportunities for landlords to provide accommodation to students.


7. Lifestyle

Crime is unavoidable anywhere you go in bigger cities, but Mississauga is relatively safe.  There are many golf courses, parks, bike paths, rivers, and lakeshore for active people to enjoy.  Play sports at the Hersey Centre and watch theatre at the Living Arts Centre.

Mississauga is also blessed with an abundance of things to do, see, and experience, such as festivals and fireworks celebrations.  Mississauga is home to the Raptors 905 G league team and the Mississauga Steel Heads OHL team.

The population is very diverse, ethnically and culturally. The restaurants reflect this mosaic of which makes up Mississauga. Without the parking headaches, Mississauga provides extensive cuisine options at affordable prices. Do you want fine dining? Check.  How about a vegetarian?  Check.  Maybe you want a café or a place to have a desert?  Check and check.  I will probably do a whole blog dedicated to this topic alone.

Mississauga is home to Square One Shopping Center, the largest shopping mall in Ontario.  But Mississauga is not limited to this; there are several big box stores and strip malls located throughout the city and many smaller boutique shops in Streetsville and Port Credit areas. I can go on and on, but the examples of what to do are almost endless.


8. Health Care

Living near good health care is not a priority for most, thankfully. Still, it can be ideal for some: Doctors, dentists, optometrists, and other health practitioners located in health centres all across Mississauga. There are also two hospitals serving Mississauga, and many specialist surgeons work within these hospitals and out.


In summary, Mississauga is a fantastic place filled with opportunities to live, work and play.  If you are considering buying a house or condo in Mississauga and need an experienced real estate agent, do not hesitate to contact me, it would be my honour to help you.  Here are some links to help you start your search for a new home.


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